Tiffany St James

TIFFANY ST JAMES is one of the most respected and influential practitioners of consulting on the integration of Social Business Culture  into business. Having been the Head of Public Participation for the UK Government until 2010, she has since worked with companies such as Aegon, Channel 4 and TalkTalk on social culture integration and hiring; as well as being Executive Director of  BIMA , and an active influence and champion of the likes of Rewired State, BIMA and GO ON UK.   In 2012, Tiffany was a finalist to be a TED Speaker, with her talk on encouraging young kids to code – and is asked to speak around the world on her expertise in the area of Social Business Culture, often specifically in Hiring & Retention.


BILL BOORMAN spent much of his career in Training & Development of HR and recruitment specialists, until in 2009 beginning a journey of realisation and exploration into Social Media and how it could revolutionise hiring methods and practice. Now, he runs a Global Recruitment Unconference programme known as #Tru which challenges people to look into social recruiting around the world. He has also worked with Oracle, BBC, Hard Rock Cafe and Rackspace as a consultant in developing successful social hiring programmes.  Bill is asked to speak about Social Recruiting all around the world, so again we are priveleged to have him speak, in his usual unconventional manner!

Steve stockpic

STEVE WARD is the Managing Director of CloudNine, one of the event organisers. Steve has been a recruitment professional for over 19 years and in 2010 made CloudNine a specialist recruiter to the Social Media marketplace. Steve has made a point of integrating himself into the Social Media and Digital Communications industry, as a fellow professional as a recruiter, and still stands out as the only genuine market specialist in this field. Steve won an award for his own Social Media Strategy in 2012 and also has also been named amongst London’s most influential social media connections. Steve very much knows how to identify a Social Media Manager, and will be sharing his expertise.




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